Dora Katanic
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Hitchcock's Vertigo (oil on canvas, 70 x 100 cm, 2006)
Dora Katanic paints selected image frames from the film “Vertigo”. Choosing the cult film, the content of the observers remains recognizable despite the interventions undertaken by freezed film shots, namely, the author first deals with the computer program for processing photos that already emulates painting effects and builds on painting tradition. Effects obtained in that manner painter repeates in oil on canvas.

Paintings show what they are not, highlighting the difference between the representation in it self and what artist is attempting to represent. Following maybe on Gerhard Richter (on whose images appear strikingly mismatch between the displayed content and the way in which is shown, such as the woman with the umbrella image that shows Jackie Kennedy shortly after the murder of her husband, but is so blurred that the content is unrecognizable) and related artists, they continue to develop and reinterpret the traditional problem of representational functions of art, placing it once again in some other form of representation of those representations.

It becomes apparent on the paintings that their meaning is not achieved solely on the material plane of the painting medium. Looking at them, the observer recognizes the reference to other media, poetic procedures that involve non-visual, verbal thinking. Paintings are not solely build on the tradition of painting (understood as an isolated category of media), but on the other (artistic and outside the arts) media as well, apropos on many intermediate links where a wide range of contemporary arts are transformed into their own tradition. When we would try to interpret most of the images described only as artifacts of a closed structure, they would remain unintelligible and would not be able to raise an issue of nothing but its own death, needlessness or meaninglessness. In the environment determined by such discourse, painting has been marginalized due to technical shortcomings of the painting medium in relation to the new media possibilities.

Ana Krsinic Lozica

Collection: Hitchcock's Vertigo (oil on canvas, 70 x 100 cm, 2006)