Dora Katanic
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The Wall (oil on canvas, 50 x 120 cm, 2012)
The inspiration for the series of paintings "The Wall" has come from the same-named rock opera of the Pink Floyd band that had its inauguration on the silver screen in 1982. The inspiration for the film came from the double album "The Wall" that was published in 1979. The rock opera deals with the issue of isolation of an individual and his separation from the world. This phenomenon is realised through songs that make an interlinked story showing the events in the life of the leading figure.

The Rock Band Pink Floyd was founded in 1965, known for its modern and psychodelic rock songs, philosophical texts, sound experimenting, innovative album covers and sensational light effects during its live shows. "The Wall" is considered as being one of the best albums of psychodelic kind, the rock trend known for its dealing with the themes that other music trends consider as being too difficult.

The series of the work consists of a number of selected film frames that, being extracted from the original work and used in the applied oil painting technique, represents somewhat different approach compared to this of the mentioned film. The painting technique is a classic one - a wanted tint appears on the canvas, and in the painting process paints do not mix, but touch each other. This way of painting at close range gives an impression of simplicity of work execution and forlornness among the parts, while by distancing from it a necessary transformation and 3D impression is achieved.

The format of the paintings follows the format of the original, 50X120cm and canvases posted close to each other in the horizontal position against the background of the gallery, make a symbolic wall in the same way as it is a case with the rock opera that is an inspiration for the whole series.

The purpose of the work cycle "The Wall is to give the viewer an emotional travel through sadness, forlornness, even uncomfortable feelings in order that the value of human freedom, right to chose and right to life worthy of a human being can be emphasized.

Collection: The Wall (oil on canvas, 50 x 120 cm, 2012)